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Scientific Presentations


Craig J, Bitton E, Dantam J, Ngo W, Jones L. Subjective ocular awareness with the use of eyelid cleansing products available for the management of demodex folliculorum Academy at Home, 2020


Dantam J, McCanna D, Subbaraman L, Jones L. Pro-inflammatory cytokine expression in human corneal epithelial cells after exposure to LPS derived from Pseudomonas aeruginosa Optom Vis Sci 2017;94: E-Abstract 174082

Dantam J, Subbaraman L, Jones L. Adhesion of emerging pathogens to contact lenses under the influence of an artificial tear solution Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2017;E-Abstract 3079


Dantam J, Heynen M, Coles-Brennan C, Fadli Z, Subbaraman L.  Kinetics of lysozyme sorption by various contact lens materials over short time periods BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition, 2015 [ PDF ]

Dantam J, Heynen M, Dominici C, Subbaraman L, Coles-Brennan C, Fadli Z, Jones L. Qualitative asymmetric mapping of lysozyme deposited on various contact lens materials using confocal laser scanning microscopy Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2015;56: E-abstract 6091 [ PDF ]


Jones L, Dantam J, McCanna D, Subbaraman L, Morgan P, Nichols J, Lakkis C. Impact of different contact lens care solutions and lens materials on contact lens storage case contamination BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition, 2014 [ PDF ]

Professional Publications


Walsh K, Dantam J, Luensmann D. Contact Lens Wear and Its Disruption of the Tear Film Review of Cornea & Contact Lens 2019;May/June: 38-42.