About CORE Clinical

CORE’s team of highly trained clinical scientists has the capacity to execute all stages of study development, from protocol development through recruitment, data collection and analysis, and report generation, for Phase II, III and IV clinical trials.

Seamless access to insights from CORE Biosciences
Our clinical and biosciences teams interact regularly to design complementary activities directed at uncovering insights into ocular health and contact lens wear. CORE BioSciences has the capacity to collect and analyze biological samples from clinical research participants for further insights into physiological responses.

In-house regulatory oversight
Our regulatory team oversees our clinical studies to ensure compliance with ethical guidelines, good clinical practice and Health Canada and United States Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Dedicated data management team
We perform in-house database construction for CRF transcription, off-site subjective data collection via smartphone, in-house data analysis and report writing.

Framework for multi-site clinical trials
Our team has the capacity to coordinate multi-site clinical trials in North America and overseas.

Recruitment specialists
We have a database of 5,000+ active study participants, which can be refined by demographics, lens wear and custom visual needs to expedite study enrollment.

Key expertise
• Standard ocular health assessments
• Specialized imaging and image analysis
• Tear film assessment
• Meibomian gland assessment, including meibography
• Corneal cell imaging
• Corneal thickness
• Focus groups, interviews and web-based surveys