CORE Innovation

CORE researchers generally don’t take no for an answer, when it comes to searching for answers. If the right tool doesn’t exist,  we try to build it; when we’re told it’s not possible, we beg to differ (or do our best to make it so).

Browse our innovations (click through for more information):

  • Adapted pachometer with custom-built digital measurement system and custom software
  • Corneal cell dessication – novel method designed s to more accurately mimic the effect of dry eye disease
  • Drug delivery with novel chemicals and drugs, adapted to contact lenses
  • Epithelial wound healing model
  • Hypoxia chamber – Designed to study the effects of hypoxia on cell samples
  • Ocuflow – An in vitro blink simulator
  • Model blink cell –
  • Novel method of quantifying neuropeptides
  • Ocular surface cell collection apparatus (OSCCA) – Collects corneal and conjunctival cells for analysis
  • Pollen chamber – Exposes contact lenses to pollen particles to investigate  the impact of seasonal allergies on contact lens wear.
  • Novel use of kelvin force microscopy to examine meibum and other ocular surface fluids