Corneal and conjunctival physiology

We work our eyes hard, whether it’s exposing them to extreme environments, forgetting to blink regularly when we use digital devices, wearing contact lenses– or whether we have dry eye disease. Understanding the anterior eye’s response to these conditions and more is an essential underlying theme of CORE research.

CORE Clinical routinely views and assesses corneal and conjunctival physiology using a variety of instruments, techniques and imaging equipment, and has the capacity to sample corneal and conjunctival cells for further analysis by CORE Biosciences. Specific clinical expertise includes:

  • dry eye disease
  • the ocular response to contact lens wear
  • tissue assessment

CORE Biosciences has the capacity to further examine corneal and conjunctival tissue via:

  • cell identification, quantification, viability, cytology and immunohistochemistry
  • tissue assessment
  • chemical characterization of the tear film
  • development of in vitro models

More about CORE’s work with corneal and conjunctival physiology:

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