Contact lens materials & solutions

CORE’s clinical and biomaterials expertise connects the dots between the day-to-day wearing experience, clinical signs and the characteristics of lens materials and care systems.

CORE BioScience has the capacity to explore:

  • the surface and bulk properties of lens materials;
  • the distribution of tear film deposits like lipids and proteins;
  • cleaning and antimicrobial efficacy, and cytotoxicity of lens care systems;
  • the efficacy of materials designed to offer protection from ultraviolet radiation;
  • the adherence of cosmetics to contact lens materials.

In addition to conducting clinical trials, CORE Clinical has the capacity to explore:

  • the clinical correlates of biomaterial properties;
  • the efficacy of rewetting drops;
  • the lens wear experience, including comfort and compliance 

More about CORE’s work with contact lenses and lens care systems:

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