About CORE Education

CORE Education is dedicated to providing eye care professionals and their patients with information and educational tools in a variety of accessible formats.

Multidisciplinary team
Our team of scientists, educators, knowledge translation specialists, writers, programmers and designers collaborate to come up with the most effective means of communicating key concepts to target audiences.

A balanced, evidence-based perspective
Our team has its finger on the pulse of current research – in our labs, shared by our colleagues around the globe, developing through discussion with our peers – and we understand the limitations of practice, because we have been there. We weigh anecdotes and feedback with data to present the most balanced perspective.

Clear and concise educational products
We cut through scientific jargon to present simple, precise information with clinical impact.

Our team can develop an educational strategy with minimal effort on your part. Let us know what message you want to share; we will develop a plan of action and check in with you along the way.

Broad experience with a variety of media
We will find the right fit for your educational message, and have experience developing:
– web-based resources
– conventional print articles in both peer-reviewed and professional journals
– educational posters
– continuing education seminars
– conference reporting
– research summaries and review articles
– white papers
– information sheets
– instructional videos
– illustrations and photography
– user manuals and fitting guides

Training for current and future leaders
– graduate students and post-doctoral fellows
– preceptorships
– industry teams

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