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New “WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel” Tool Takes Center Stage at BCLA Conference (Newswires – May 31, 2023)

New “WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel” Tool Takes Center Stage at BCLA Conference (Optik NOW – May 30, 2023)

Contact lenses contain toxic ‘forever chemicals’, study says: Should Canadians worry? (Yahoo Canada – May 26, 2023)

WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel interactive reference tool now online (International Opticians Association – May 22, 2023)

Dry Eye Wheel Tool Launched 9 May (MiVision – May 20, 2023)

World Council of Optometry and Alcon launch “WCO ALCON Dry Eye Wheel” tool, wrapping up series (Optical Prism – May 13, 2023)

Core highlights 3D printing developments (Optician – May 1, 2023)

For Earth Day, CORE Publishes Contact Lens Sustainability Infographics for ECPs to Share With Patients (Vision Monday – Apr 21, 2023)

Earth Day Focus: Contact Lens Recycling (Women in Optometry – Apr 20, 2023)

CORE Releases Infographics to Encourage Responsible Contact Lens Recycling ( Apr 20, 2023)

Earth Day: contact lens disposal (abdo – Apr 20, 2023)

Canadian research group to showcase advanced 3D printing solutions at ARVO 2023 (Australian Manufacturing – Apr 20, 2023)

ARVO 2023: 3D printing breakthroughs to accelerate ocular drug delivery, biodegradable contact lenses and pharma research (Ophthalmology Times – Apr 19, 2023)

3D printing breakthroughs to accelerate ocular drug delivery, biodegradable contact lenses & pharma research (EurekAlert – Apr 18, 2023)

CORE Demonstrates Advanced 3D Printing for Ocular Research at ARVO 2023 (Optik NOW – Apr 18, 2023)

World Council of Optometry and Alcon to Launch WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel Tool, Wrapping Up Global Webinar Series (Vision Monday – Apr 7, 2023)

WCO and Alcon introduce dry eye tool (Optometry Today – Apr 4, 2023)

World Council of Optometry and Alcon to Launch “WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel” Tool for Dry Eye Disease (eyewire+ – Mar 28, 2023)

Experts provide dry eye disease treatment guide (Insight News – Mar 15, 2023)

RGP protein deposits studied (Optician – Feb 17, 2023)

CORE utiliza proteínas radiomarcadas para estudiar la deposición de lentes de contacto RGP (imopticas – Feb 16, 2023)

CORE Biosciences Group Uses Radiolabeled Proteins to Study RGP Contact Lens Deposition (VisionMonday – Feb 15, 2023)

Rigid gas permeable contact lens deposition measured via radiolabeled proteins (Optometry Times – Feb 15, 2023)

CORE Biosciences Group Uses Radiolabeled Proteins to Study RGP Contact Lens Deposition (Optik NOW – Feb 15, 2023)

¿Cuánta proteína se deposita realmente en las lentes de contacto rígidas permeables al gas? ( – Feb 14, 2023)

How much protein is deposited on RGP contact lenses? (Insight News – Feb 13, 2023)

CORE named its “Top 10 of 2022” scientific papers (What’s New in Optometry – Jan 23, 2023)

Researchers hail “Top 10” studies (Dispensing Optics – Jan 23, 2023)

CORE Names Its Top 10 of 2022 Scientific Papers (Optik NOW – Jan 18, 2023)

CORE Names Its Top 10 Scientific Papers of 2022 (Vision Monday – Jan 18, 2023)

CORE Names Its “Top 10 of 2022” Scientific Papers (Eyewire – Jan 16, 2023)

New multifocal contact lens prescribing guide aims to improve confidence (Insight News – Jan 9, 2023)

CORE Publishes Guidance to Increase Multifocal Contact Lens Fitting Success, Visual Performance, and Patient Satisfaction (Optik NOW – Jan 6, 2023)

CORE MFCL Fitting Guidance Out Now (MiVision – Jan 5, 2023)

CORE publishes multifocal contact lens guidance (Jan 4, 2023)

CONTACT! The future of contact lenses (Optical Prism – Dec 28, 2022)

EyeCon 2022: Knowledge is the key to control of myopia (Optometry Times – Dec 16,2022)

What Is Mask-Associated Dry Eye? ( Health – Dec 13, 2022)

American Academy of Optometry Meeting Attendees to Compete This Week in CORE Knowledge 3.0 Ultimate Eye Science Game (Vision Monday – Oct 26, 2022)

American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting Attendees to Compete in the World’s Ultimate Eye Science Game (InVision Mag – Oct 11, 2022)

Distinguished experts to lead WCO and Alcon dry eye disease education initiative (Insight News – Oct 11, 2022)

Neuropathic pain in the eye (Insight News – Oct 10, 2022)

First Dry Eye Disease Education Initiative Event from World Council of Optometry and Alcon Set for November 8 (Asian news – Oct 5, 2022)

Dry Eye Disease Education Event from WCO and Alcon Set for Nov. 8 (InVision Mag – Oct 5, 2022)

Faculty revealed for WCO and Alcon dry eye disease education initiative (Optometry Today – Oct 3, 2022)

Professors Craig, Jones, and Wolffsohn to Lead World Council of Optometry and Alcon Dry Eye Disease Education Initiative (Newswires EIN – Sep 14, 2022)

CORE Develops 3D Bio-Printing Method for Ophthalmic Drug Delivery Research (Contact Lenses Today – Aug 28, 2022)

Researchers create eye model with 3D printer (Optometry Today – Aug 26, 2022)

CORE scientists develop low-cost 3D bio-printing method for ophthalmic drug delivery research (Optical Prism – Aug 24, 2022)

Dr. Daddi Fadel, Specialty Contact Lens Innovator, Joins CORE (Acrofan – Aug 2, 2022)

El Centro de Investigación y Educación Ocular ficha a Daddi Fadel, experta mundial en lenes esclerales y orto-k ( – Aug 2, 2022)

Specialty Contact Lens Innovator Daddi Fadel Joins CORE (InVision Mag – Aug 2, 2022)

Contact lens regimen crucial in removing coronavirus trace (Optometry Times – Jun 9, 2022)

New Contact Lens Update Focuses on Specialty Rigid Lens Developments (Vision Monday – May 17, 2022)

CORE Expands Specialty Contact Lens Expertise With Appointment of Dr. Rosa Yang (Vision Monday – Apr 28, 2022)

CORE Expands Specialty Contact Lens Expertise with Appointment of Dr. Rosa Yang (InVision Mag – Apr 20, 2022)

Delivering sight-saving drugs better, for longer (Waterloo News – Mar 8, 2022)

How to stop patients stretching the life of contact lenses (Insight News – Mar 5, 2022)

Contact lens myths debunked (Optician – Feb 16, 2022)

Study Reveals Impact of Omega-3 and -6 on DED (MiVision – Feb 10, 2022)

Study Shows Significant Impact of Novel Omega-3 and Omega-6 Supplement for People with Severe Dry Eye Disease (Defocus Media – Feb 9, 2022)

Study Shows Significant Impact of Novel Omega-3 and Omega-6 Supplement for People with Severe Dry Eye Disease (Eyewire+ – Feb 9, 2022)

Study Shows Significant Impact Of Novel Omega-3 And Omega-6 Supplement For People With Severe Dry Eye Disease (Women in Optometry – Feb 9, 2022)

New research addresses contact lens myths, misconceptions (Optometry Times – Feb 3, 2022)

New evidence dispels common myths about fitting soft contact lenses (Insight News – Feb 2, 2022)

Novel’ fatty acid supplement improves dry eye symptoms (Healio – Feb 1, 2022)

Lens A ≠ Lens B ≠ Lens C (Women in Optometry – Feb 1, 2022)

Aussie-based authors among CORE’s top-tier papers; Dr Alex Hui appointed head of biosciences (Insight News – Jan 3, 2022)

Experts Address Dangers of Inappropriate Contact Lens Substitution in New Contact Lens and Anterior Eye Paper (Vision Monday – Dec 3, 2021)

Shift from myopia treatment to management (Healio – Nov 5, 2021)

Dr. Lyndon Jones Elected as Royal Society of Canada Fellow (Invision – Sep 9, 2021)

The Future Of Contact Lenses Is Bright (Science Blog – Jul 21, 2021)

“It’s a really exciting time to be in the contact lens industry” (Optometry Today – Jun 26, 2021)

Routine eye checks can catch ‘silent’ problems early: Waterloo expert (Waterloo Region Record – May 26, 2021)

Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Eye Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Everything Zoomer – May 26, 2021)

A fundamental commitment (Optician Online – Apr 30, 2021)

Hidden in plain sight: How the COVID-19 pandemic is damaging children’s vision (The Conversation – Apr 27, 2021)

News updates April 2021 (Optometry Times – Apr 9, 2021)

Contact lens wear is a healthy option for kids (Optometry Times – Mar 31, 2021)

Contact lenses will detect illness and deliver drugs, review paper predicts (E&T Engineering and Technology – Mar 29, 2021)

Contact lenses poised to detect cancer, treat disease and replace digital screens (EruekAlert! – Mar 29, 2021)

New long-term study affirms contact lens wear as healthy option for children (EurekAlert! – Mar 3, 2021)

COVID-19 causes Dry Eye Disease: Here’s why (FOX43 – Feb 16, 2021)

Optometry Times® news summary  (Optometry Times – Nov 13, 2020)

US launches searchable contact lens database (Optometry Times – Oct 15, 2020)

Research group releases guidance for mask-associated dry eye (Healio – Sep 22, 2020)

Wearing Your Face Mask Can Cause This Painful Problem, Doctors Warn (Best Life – Sep 9, 2020)

Face masks can cause dry eyes, doctors say. Here’s how to get relief (The Charlotte Observer – Sep 8, 2020)

Eye doctors warn of new mask-related condition, effects of remote learning on kids’ sight (ABC11 – Sep 7, 2020)

CORE shares guidance for mask-associated dry eye (Optometry Today – Sep 2, 2020)

Is wearing a mask fogging up your glasses? Here’s how you can fix that (BHEKISISA Centre for Health Journalism – Aug 24, 2020)

Why face masks can make eyes feel dry, what to do about it (The Weather Network – Aug 21, 2020)

Why face masks can make eyes feel dry, and what you can do about it (THE CONVERSATION – Aug 19, 2020)

VERIFY Is it safe to wear contacts to a protest or can tear gas cause blindness? (WUSA 9 – Jun 3, 2020)

BEYOND LOCAL How the COVID-19 pandemic is damaging children’s vision (Newmarket Today – May 17, 2020)

The Myopia Epidemic in Children (Canadian Health and Family – May 16, 2020)

Coronavirus can live on proteins in your eyes — will wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses protect you? (Marketwatch – May 11, 2020)

Lyndon Jones appointed professor at University of Waterloo (Optician Online – May 5, 2020)

COVID-19 and contact lenses: What you need to know (Global News – April 18, 2020)

Do eyeglasses or contact lenses protect you from coronavirus? (New York Post – April 16, 2020)

Contact lenses safe to wear during pandemic (Optician – April 15, 2020)

Contact Lens Wearers at No Greater Risk From COVID-19 Than Those Sporting Glasses (Medscape – April 15, 2020)

New Peer-Reviewed Paper in Contact Lens & Anterior Eye Offers Advice to Contact Lens Practitioners During COVID-19 Pandemic (Vision Monday – April 14, 2020)

Keep CL Wear Safe During COVID-19 (Review of Optometry – April 14, 2020)

Do You Wear Contacts or Glasses? Here’s What Ocular Scientists Advise During COVID-19 Pandemic (SciTechDaily – April 13, 2020)

Clear vision: Waterloo startup creates model eyeballs that help optometry students hone their skills (The Record – Sept 14, 2019)

Silicone Hydrogel or Hydrogel? Which is better for your patient? (Optometry Today – July 27, 2019)

Patient-Focused Executive Summary of TFOS DEWS II Report Announced for Dry Eye Awareness Month (Eyewire News – July 25, 2019)

Is Myopia Control the Next Big Thing? (Optometry Today – July 23, 2019)

Cosmetics Affect Contact Lens Parameters (Review of Optometry – July 1, 2019)

CORE Develops ‘Five-Minute Overviews’ of International Myopia Institute White Papers (Vision Monday – June 29, 2019)

CooperVision, CORE Share Insights from Myopia Clinical Trial at GCOMM 2019 Conference (Optik Now – June 4, 2019)

AT ITS CORE: Director of CORE at the University of Waterloo, Dr. Lyndon Jones, talks to OT about the organisation’s evolution, rebrand and achievements (Optometry Today – May 26, 2019)

British Contact Lens Association Receives CORE Support for Upcoming Meeting in Manchester, England (Vision Monday – May 16, 2019)

New Study Reveals an Alarming Increase in Nearsightedness (CTV News – April 2, 2019)

Fitting app available for CooperVision contact lenses (Healio – March 11, 2019)

Study finds too much screen time causes nearsightedness in children (CHCH News – March 5, 2019)

New App reduces chair time in contact lenses fitting (Insight News – February 27, 2019)

Contact Lens Hygiene Report Published by CORE (Optometry Today – Jan 25, 2019)

Report shows disconnect in ECP-patient expectations for 1-day silicone hydrogels (Healio – August 22, 2018)

Does studying too much make you nearsighted? What researchers are learning about myopia (Global News – June 6, 2018)

Myopia in young linked to lack of time spent outdoors (Radio Canada International – April 24, 2018)

Prescription to slow worsening myopia in Canadian kids? Head outdoors (CBC News – April 21, 2018)

The CORE Focus (Optometry Today – Nov 7, 2017)

CORE Announces new name (Optometry Today – Oct 19, 2017)

Myopia Prevalence in Canadian School Children – A Pilot Study

Kids’ eyesight getting worse at younger ages: study (The Toronto Star – November 14, 2016)

Contact lenses may decelerate myopia among kids (ABS-CBN News – May 2, 2016)

Science and serendipity unite to improve sight: the Centre for Ocular Research & Education (Clinical Trials Ontario – April 20, 2016)

New regulations for cosmetic contact lenses applauded (Kitchener-Waterloo Record – July 31, 2015)

Waterloo contact lens researchers aim to help nearsighted children (Kitchener-Waterloo Record – December 9, 2014)

Dealing with keratoconus: What people should learn about it? (Business Mirror – August 28, 2014)

There are few options for people with really bad eyesight who want to wear contacts – until now. (CTV Kitchener: ProvinceWide, February 9, 2014)

Back-to-school eye exams (CTV News Kitchener – September 4, 2013)

UW researchers shed light on nearsightedness (University of Waterloo Imprint – August 31, 2013)

UW contact lens study aims to slow nearsightedness in children (Kitchener-Waterloo Record – August 15, 2013)

Breaking new ground in meibography (Review of Ophthalmology – July 8, 2013)

Three Minute Thesis contest is Canadian Idol for the geeky set (The Toronto Star – April 20, 2013) (CORE graduate student Chau-Minh Phan wins third place in Ontario-wide competition. Click here to see his winning presentation.)

Patients need reminding about contact lens care (Medwire News – March 13, 2013)

Contact lens research could slow vision loss for millions (Waterloo Stories – January 9, 2013)

Ask The Experts: Dry eye research (570 News – December 22, 2012)

Ask The Experts: Contact lenses and children (570 News – December 15, 2012)

The ideal solution: It’s getting close (Optometric Management – April 1, 2012)

The new face of dry eye management (Optometric Management – May 1, 2012)

Fashion blurring the lines of sight (Capital News Online – March 30, 2012)

Contact lens-related eye problems tied to poor lens replacement habits (Contact Lens Headlines – April 18, 2011)

Overnight wear of CRT contact lenses reduces farsightedness (Contact Lens Headlines – January 18, 2011)

Lady Gaga lenses can damage eyes: experts CBC News July 19, 2010)

Experts worry as girls go gaga over ‘circle lenses’ (CTV News – July 7, 2010)

Study finds poor compliance among contact lens wearers (Contact Lens Headlines – July 7, 2010)

Researchers study bacterial adhesion to silicone hydrogel materials (Optometry Times – March 2010)

Researchers study bacterial adhesion to silicone hydrogel materials (Modern Medicine – March 1, 2010)

Silicone hydrogel and daily disposable contacts prescribed frequently in the US, study says (Contact Lens Headlines – August 14, 2009)

Waterloo is a world leader in contact lens studies (Grand – December 2008)

Contact lens research centre (Toronto Region Research Alliance – May 29, 2008)

Studies that more than meet the eye (UW Imprint – March 23, 2007)

Looking for a better contact lens (Kitchener-Waterloo Record – May 10, 2004)

Contact lens firm gives UW $500,000 (Kitchener-Waterloo Record – May 7, 2004)

10-step lens care (Chatelaine – January 2004)