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Contact Lens Update: Clinical Insights Grounded in Current Research

Clinical Contact Lens Management Guide

Contact Lens Compendium: Contact Lenses and Solutions Available in Canada and the United States

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Top 10 Myths of Fitting Soft Contact Lenses

CLEAR Summary (summary of BCLA CLEAR)

Preservatives and Dry Eye Disease (practitioner reference)

Diagnosis and classification of dry eye disease (practitioner reference)

Getting started with Orthokeratology (practitioner reference)

Corneal Infiltrative Events, the facts, figures and how to reduce the risks (practitioner reference)

Evolving our Understanding of SICS (practitioner referece)

Applying the clinical management guidelines (practitioner reference)

Rethinking Contact Lens Deposits (research brief)

Scleral lenses: What Can They Do For You and Your Patients? (research brief)

Contact Lens Materials Development: Clinical Significance (research brief)

Maximizing Success With Extended Wear (clinical guide)

Prevalence of Childhood Myopia (research brief)

Essential Fatty Acids & Dry Eye: The Evidence To Date  (research brief)

Assessing the Visual Needs of Patient who are Serious about Sports (research brief)

The Complex Nature of Myopia Control Research: Not So Black & White (research brief)

Prevalence of Myopia: A Worldwide Epidemic (research brief)

Characterizing the Surface Properties of a Contact Lens (research brief)

Correction of Keratoconus with Gas Permeable Contact Lenses (manual) *also available in German, German supplement, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, RussianSerbian, Simple Chinese and Traditional Chinese

Correction of Presbyopia with Gas Permeable Contact Lenses – (manual) *also available in French, German, German supplement, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.