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Contact Lens Update: Clinical Insights Grounded in Current Research


Clinical Contact Lens Management Guide



Contact Lens Compendium: Contact Lenses and Solutions Available in Canada



Enhancing Eye Care Through Inter-professional Collaboration (online CE modules for optometrists and pharmacists)


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Rethinking Contact Lens Deposits (research brief)

Scleral lenses: What Can They Do For You and Your Patients? (research brief)

Contact Lens Materials Development: Clinical Significance (research brief)

Maximizing Success With Extended Wear (clinical guide)

Prevalence of Childhood Myopia (research brief)

Essential Fatty Acids & Dry Eye: The Evidence To Date  (research brief)

Assessing the Visual Needs of Patient who are Serious about Sports (research brief)

The Complex Nature of Myopia Control Research: Not So Black & White (research brief)

Prevalence of Myopia: A Worldwide Epidemic (research brief)

Characterizing the Surface Properties of a Contact Lens (research brief)

Contact Lens Compendium – Online database of contact lenses and lens care systems *Canada (U.S. version coming soon)

Correction of Keratoconus with Gas Permeable Contact Lenses (manual) *also available in German, German supplement, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, RussianSerbian, Simple Chinese and Traditional Chinese

Correction of Presbyopia with Gas Permeable Contact Lenses – (manual) *also available in French, German, German supplement, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.