CORE Biosciences

CORE’s multidisciplinary biosciences team works together to investigate fundamental research questions relating to the ocular surface and biomaterials, particularly contact lenses.

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CORE Clinical

CORE’s team of highly trained clinical scientists has the capacity to execute all stages of study development, from protocol development through recruitment, data collection and analysis, and report generation, for Phase II, III and IV

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CORE Education

CORE Education is dedicated to providing eye care professionals and their patients with information and educational tools in a variety of accessible formats.

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CORE People

CORE is made up of vision scientists, clinicians, microbiologists, administrators, educators, molecular biologists, biotechnicians, data processing specialists and biochemists.

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Research Expertise

CORE seamlessly integrates clinical observations with insights grounded in basic bioscience.

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New Paper Examines Top 10 Myths About Fitting Soft Contact Lenses

Clinical and Experimental Optometry Paper Offers Evidence to Dispel Misconceptions Held by Eye Care Practitioners WATERLOO, ONTARIO, January 25, 2021— A new peer-review paper from the Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE) seeks to shift persistent views about contact lenses that are no longer accurate based on current evidence. Addressing common myths and misconceptions … Read More “New Paper Examines Top 10 Myths About Fitting Soft Contact Lenses”