Paul J Murphy

The Murphy Lab for Experimental Optometry (MLEO) undertake laboratory-based and clinically-based studies in a multi-disciplinary environment to investigate the interactions between the anterior ocular surface, eyelids and tear film. More specifically, our research looks at how the tear film, the exposed surface of the eye, the sensory nerves in the cornea, and the eyelids interact in both normal and abnormal circumstances – in the normal healthy eye, and when affected by contact lens wear and ocular surface disease. We also look at anterior segment anatomy to investigate the action of the lids on the eye, and the normal variation in ocular surface shape.

The lab develops new instruments and methods of investigation to address these large questions, with the ultimate goal of understanding how best to help patients who experience discomfort when wearing contact lenses or as a result of problems with their tear film quality or quantity.

We collaborate nationally and internationally with fellow researchers, and with industrial partners.