Graduate Projects

CORE is continually looking for suitably qualified candidates to conduct contact lens research at the graduate level.

Researchers at CORE study a wide variety of topics related to the eye, the ocular response to contact lens wear, contact lens materials and contact lens care products. CORE has laboratory facilities for studying ocular physiology, visual performance and psychophysical phenomena associated with contact lens use as well as contact lens wettability and deposition.

Collaboration with faculty within the School of Optometry and other University of Waterloo departments such as Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Systems Design Engineering and Physics is offers applicants an opportunity to work with several other disciplines.

Of particular appeal are those candidates who have an interest in the areas of image analysis, biochemistry, biomedical engineering and optics. A degree in optometry or ophthalmology would be advantageous but is not essential.

Current graduate student projects include:

Subam Basuthkar – Corneal sensitivity and ocular discomfort with contact lenses

Brad Hall – Linking secondary and tertiary changes in protein conformation to changes in protein biological activity while sorbed onto biomaterials, using contact lenses as a model biomaterial

Salsabeel JadiInvestigating the impact of incubation solution on the deposition of proteins on contact lenses.