Two CORE Researchers Inducted into ISCLR

WATERLOO, Ontario, January 21, 2021—Two researchers at the Centre for Ocular Research and Education (CORE) at the University of Waterloo have been inducted into the International Society for Contact Lens Research (ISCLR), in recognition of their contribution to the field.

CORE’s William Ngo, OD, PhD, FAAO, head of biosciences and research assistant professor, and Chau-Minh Phan, MSc, PhD, FAAO, research assistant professor, have been invited to join ISCLR, an exclusive honor extended to the top 100 contact lens researchers worldwide. Dr. Ngo and Dr. Phan join an impressive list of a dozen other current and past CORE researchers to enter the society.

Dr. Ngo is experienced in both clinical practice and research, with particular interest and extensive publishing on the study of ocular surface disease and contact lenses. He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry.

Dr. Phan’s research interests primarily focus on developing biomaterials for ocular drug delivery and in vitro eye models.  In addition to his role at CORE, he is the co-founder of two start-ups, Tricolops Technology and OcuBlink, Inc.

Dr. Lyndon Jones, director of CORE, is a member of ISCLR, as well as the following CORE staff and student alumni: Kathy Dumbleton, Desmond Fonn, Maud Gorbet, Alex Hui, Nancy Keir, Rachael Peterson, Gina Sorbara, Sruthi Srinivasan, Lakshman Subbaraman, Jay Wang, and Craig Woods.

“CORE’s representation in ISCLR speaks to the depth of our contribution to the contact lens field over the last three decades,” says Dr. Jones. “We have a rich history and passion for research. The work our current and former researchers have done—and continue to do around the world whether at CORE or in other roles—has a demonstrable impact on the lives of millions.”

Established in 1978 by a group of leading global researchers, ISCLR is committed to international communication in the field of contact lens research and related sciences. ISCLR hosts a biennial scientific meeting to provide an opportunity for researchers from around the world and members of industry to share and discuss early-stage study developments and factors impacting contact lens success.


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