Facilities and capabilities

CORE’s multidisciplinary biosciences team works together to investigate fundamental research questions relating to the ocular surface and biomaterials, particularly contact lenses.

Seamless access to insights from CORE Clinical
Questions that arise during our clinical research can often be explored in vitro, and vice versa.

Key expertise

    • Biomaterials (drug uptake and release, engineering, molecular imprinting)
    • Cell analysis (phenotype, morphology, cytotoxicity, inflammatory markers)
    • Contact lens materials (tear film deposits, lens surface and bulk characteristics, water content, metrology)
    • DNA extraction
    • Contact lens care systems (physical characteristics, cleaning and antimicrobial efficacy, cytotoxicity)
    • Meibum analysis
    • Microbiology (antimicrobial efficacy, bacterial adhesion and growth, biofilm evaluation, contamination, endotoxins, microbial identification, microbiome studies)
    • Tear film analysis (cytokines, ferning, lipids, proteins, osmolality, neuropeptides)
    • Toxicology