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Jones D. Summary: IMI – Clinical Myopia Control Trials and Instrumentation report 2019

Jones D. Myopia Management: What Are the Options? Optometric Management 2020;June [ Show Abstract ]

There have been alarming predictions regarding the rate of increase of myopia for the next three decades. Of particular concern is the predicted increase in high myopia, with reports that almost 10% of the world’s population will exhibit myopia in excess of -5.00 D by 2050. Given the abundance of evidence in the literature that shows myopia progression can be reduced, practitioners need to be proactive with their young patients and introduce the concept of myopia control as soon as there is evidence of a myopic refractive error. Additionally, practitioners need to be familiar with the treatment options available.

Jones D. Measure Axial Length to Guide Myopia Management Review of Myopia Management 2020;March 1. [ Show Abstract ]

Myopic patients must be managed and monitored closely. Myopia can no longer be considered as a benign refractive error, and it cannot be managed by traditional optical means. With the growing prevalence of myopia, and the increased risk of ocular pathology associated with high myopia, eye care professionals (ECPs) need to assess their patients for risk factors that may lead to its onset.

Jones D. What Myopia Management Is and What It Is Not Review of Myopia Management 2020;July [ Show Abstract ]

Almost without exception, a paper or article written about myopia starts with the alarming statistics and predictions regarding the prevalence of myopia worldwide. Globally, clinicians and researchers are hopefully well aware by now of the projection that by 2050, 50 percent of the world’s population will be myopic. While this traditionally sets the scene for the need for action to combat this epidemic, what exactly does the term myopia management mean, and how can it be put into practice?

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Jones D, MacNeil C, Pal S, Weinstein M.. 3 Min, 49 Sec Video: How Do You Communicate to Kids & Parents as a Team?
Review of Optometric Business 2024, February: Video series - Part 4

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Distance continuing education article for Vision Express (UK Optical Chain)

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